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Use RSYNC to backup Remote files to Local folder

Use following command to copy-backup files from remote location to local location. {“/dev/“,”/proc/“,”/sys/“,”/tmp/“,”/run/“,”/mnt/“,”/media/*”,”/lost+found”}: This will exclude the files that we don’t need the backup for. root@111.2222.333.444/path/to/remote/folder/ : This is remote path. /backups/local/folder : This is local path.


Centos vs Ubuntu

Following simple 5 point table show how CentOS and Ubuntu are compared to each other. Features Centos Ubuntu Package Command RPM & Yum APT-GET Variant Based on Red Hat Enterprise LinUx (RHEL) Based on Debian Percentage of websites using 17.5% 38.2% Release Cycle Long Period Short Period Security Secure out of the box Less secure compared to CentOS Download Link…

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