Fix, ImageMagick

ImageMagick – [ERROR] Failed to ensure ImageMagick-devel RPM for imagick PECL

So today I got some task and found that I need ImageMagick installed on my centos server. I verified and checked if my server support ImageMagick by running a small script and turned out that the server is missing ImageMagick installation.

The result: Server was missing ImageMagick 🙁

So I went straight to WHM and searched pecl and clicked Manage on PHP PECL module.

Then selected correct php version that I wanted and clicked Apply button.

Then typed Imagick and clicked Go button, that returned a package.

Then I clicked Install and it returned error [ERROR] Failed to ensure ImageMagick-devel RPM for imagick PECL.


First make sure there isn’t any corrupt version of ImageMagick already installed, if its there remove it.

Now go to WHM – Tweak Settings – and search Max cPanel process memory, set its value to double to current value or unlimited and click save button.

And then try to install Imagick again from PHP PECL. So it was installed successfully.

Now lets try to run test file again to see extension is installed successfully.

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